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Please be careful about imitations.

Currently, it is not sold on Amazon .

Currently, due to the influence of covid-19, shipping to the United States and Australia is delayed.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.





Brand New Designer Double-wall Glasses — GOODGLAS JAPAN

Pop Up Store

at Tokyu Department Stores in Tokyo

Designer double-wall glasses —especially Shiba dog glasses— are really hot in Japan right now, and GOODGLAS JAPAN is one of the leading designers.

Our lines include Japanese animals, fruits and cherry blossom (we call it ‘Sakura’) to make your tea-time special.


Not only are the glasses adorable to look at, but also they are heat-resistant from -20 to +120℃.

And every glass is handmade, so your tea-time companion has its own personality!
In April, GOODGLAS JAPAN launched a pop-up store in Daimaru Umeda with two exclusive Shiba dog glasses that sold out immediately.


Shiba dogs conquered Osaka and now they are coming to conquer Tokyo (they are like Godzilla but they are more cute!):


GOODGLAS JAPAN will launch pop-ups in 4 Tokyu Department Stores


There will be two new Shiba dogs, as well as two new cats and two new rabbits, on pre-sale in the 4 stores.

The new glasses will go on sale online , but it is best to come to the stores to make sure you don’t miss out on the most useful and most Japanese souvenir you can buy!


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